5 Things To Know Before Starting Your Dental Apprenticeship

Many people are scared of dental apprenticeships because they do not know what to expect

Before you decide to start an apprenticeship, there is some important information that your employer has to give which will make the process easier for you.

In today’s guide, we are going to go over some of the things you need to know about.

Let’s go: 1. Working Hours

Before you are even considered for dental apprenticeships, you must be available to work 16 hours and more a week.

This is compulsory almost everywhere you go although your work hours will differ.

Every employ has his/her time rules. It is highly important to know yours.

2. Issues related To Sickness

Nobody is a robot, so it is perfectly normal to fall sick from time to time.

Every employer will have their policy when it comes to your sickness and absence because of it.

The policy will most likely include how much prior notice should be given, who should be contacted, and whether you will get pay or not during your absence from sickness.

3. Wage

£8.30 an hour is the lowest fee that you should be collecting in your first year based on industry standards.

Although the money may go up depending on your employer and how much effort you are putting into the business.

It is always important to have full clarity on when and how you will be paid.

4. Breaks While Working

It is very important to be afforded breaks while working.

This not only allows you to rest but you can also use the opportunity to have lunch or do other things that are beneficial to you.

Your break hours will differ depending on where you are employed and it is very important to know when you get breaks and how long.

5. Dress Code

The way you dress speaks a lot about you

Where you are employed, they might be specific clothes allowed and others which may not be allowed.

For example, if a uniform is requested, you need to find out if they will be provided for or not.

Having a perfect idea of your dress code and sticking to it will keep in your employer’s good grace.